Founded in 1975, our growth is based on constant innovation combined with the excellenceof our products. Cimenteira do Louro is currently prepared to face the challenges determined by the new century, constantly pursuing the continuous efficiency in responding to client requests. We believe in what we do! That is why, since the beginning, Cimenteira do Louro has always invested in forms of producing more and better, a continuous evolution which contributes to our Clients’ growth.

Combining aesthetics, quality and the reliability of our products results in a unique alliance between technical know how and innovative and quality design, creating a harmony of renowned efficiency: the factor which differentiates us on the market. Our proactiveness, quality and effectiveness have allowed us to work on large infrastructure projects in Portugal, such as highways, roads and a number of different pavements. It is very likely that on your way to work, you will already have come across some of our work.

Along with our clients, we contribute to the progress of our society. Walk with us into the future.

The continuous improvement of the quality of our products is an essential goal at Cimenteira do Louro. Continuous assessment of the Quality System is a form of guaranteeing this evolution, considering that each business area will meet the requirements of the Quality Policy. Recent certification in the field of Quality, based on the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, allows for a better adjustment to market requirements.

We protect the environment!

For us, environment is not a trend, it’s an objective reality. The assessment and systematic control of the environmental impacts of our activities are priority concerns.

Concrete products are composed of cement, sand, aggregates and water, being 100% recyclable.
Our waste is separated and sent to licensed entities for this purpose, with about 99.9% of waste sent for recycling.
The resource consumption is also a concern. The rejected water, in the production process, is treated and reused internally.

In 2018, we started implementing 1.984 photovoltaic panels in our factory, thus favoring increased consumption of renewable energy.

Environmental protection assumes an increasing importance in our society, a reality that A Cimenteira do Louro shares and promotes.

EN ISO 14001 Standard Certification is proof of that concern and makes our company the first in its sector to obtain that Standard in Portugal.




Since origin (Louro) ACL has the values of excellence, innovation and commitment to do more and better in order to contribute to the evolution of its customers. We pursue quality in everything we produce!

Production Center Louro (Factory 1)


Production of blocks, pipes, rings, among others.


1st Machine Semi-automatic

Acquisition of 1st semi-automatic machine for the production of blocks.


1st Automatic Machine

Acquisition of 1st automatic machine for the production of blocks with curing ovens.


Opening of Production Center Lousado (Factory 2)


There are new projects and new customers, resulting in a need to expand our infrastructure to a new production center, Production Center of Lousado. We believe!


1st National Exhibition (FIL - Lisboa)


Participation in the International Exhibition of Construction and Public Works - FIL helped in the divulgation of the various products manufactured.


Registration Marmocim Flooring


At the vanguard of his time, Marmocim stands out for being a high durability flooring with high abrasion resistance, also offering a huge variety of colors, textures and finishing.


1st International Exhibition (Construmat - Barcelona)
Export beginning


Following the participation in the Exhibition Construmat Barcelona and prepared for the efficiency of this global world, the jump for export took place at the beginning of the new century.

2000 to 2004

Football Stadiums


Providing material of construction for several stadiums, such as Stadium of Bessa, Stadium of Dragão (F:C.Porto), Municipal Stadium of Braga, Stadium Dom Afonso Henriques (Guimarães),Municipal Stadium of Aveiro, City Stadium of Barcelos, among others.

Railway line Renovation

Materials such as the Marmocim flooring, platform curb stones, walls, conduits and slabs contributed to this renewal of the railway line.


Certification of Quality and Environment

Development of quality products and sustainably has always been a primary objective in the ACL. Proof of this is the quality certification according to NP EN ISO 9001. We produce protecting! Our products are environmentally friendly, natural stone, water and Portland cement. 100% recyclable and all waste is reused.This makes us the first company in the sector to achieve the environmental protection certification according to norm NP EN ISO 14001.

Pavilion 3

Increased manufacturing area to produce stone flooring, junction boxes for sanitation and curb stone beams.

2003 to 2004

Pavilion 4


Expansion of the manufacturing area for the production of large pipes and pre-slabs.

Pavilion 5

Production of highway concrete New Jersey barriers (k-rail) type.



With application of the CE marking on our products a new dynamic is needed in the production control at the factory having been created two laboratories.


Pavilion 6


ACL launches a line of concrete coatings, versatile and innovative, adaptive to the various divisions and add comfort to the environment of your home. In our company your well-being is always present in the development of our products.

2008 to 2013

School park

The Marmocim flooring was part of the remodeling of the National Schools.



Curb stone beams, highway New Jersey barriers (k-rail) and concrete panels were some of the materials that helped build Portuguese highways (A1, A3, A4, A6, A7, A10, A11, A13, A23, A25, A28).

2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014

Rally Portugal


Our barriers and ramps entered the super special Rally Portugal.


Pavilion 7

Expansion of the manufacturing area for the production of technical floorings, raised access floorings and self supporting floorings.


Launch of the ECOBLOCO Masonry Line


ECOBLOCO is a line of masonry products that, through its technical features, allows the final user to save.

Formula E Berlin E-PRIX Circuit


ACL/4CT partnership, in the Assembly/Disassembly Circuit Formula E ePrix Berlin - 21 May 2016.


ACL – São João Experience


This initiative brings together partners and customers for a visit to the ACL factory, among other activities.

Formula E - New York City ePrix Circuit


ACL marked its presence in another race driven by electric cars. This time the Formula E race took place in one of the world's most iconic cities, New York.


Certificate - PME Lider 2018


ACL was distinguished by IAPMEI, for its business strategy and important contribution to the national economy.

Metro station Panama


First metro station in Panama, it's expected that the line will be completed by 2019.
The works are in progress, as is the laying of the concrete flooring MARMOCIM.


Logo Refresh


We refresh the ACL logo…
With a new energy, the logo retains all the power and Design that defines the ACL brand.

Participation in new International Exhibitions


In 2019, ACL participated for the first time in several Architect @ work (Paris, Turin, Munich, Milan, Dusseldorf) and Downtown Design (Dubai).
Participation in these fairs has become an opportunity to showcase the Uniqueness, Quality, Design, Innovation, Art and Heritage of the Concrete Flooring and wall tiles Industry.


ACL Meeting@Panamá


In 2020, ACL was in Panama, at an event he created for this purpose at the Hotel Eurostars Panama City. The event took place between the 26th and 27th of February 2020, right in the center of Panama City, the capital. It was a unique opportunity to showcase the uniqueness, quality, design, innovation, art and industry heritage of the wall coverings and concrete flooring. The products selected and presented were collections from the Design and Natural lines of wall coverings, as well as flooring products.


We continue to create history...

We are determined to offer solutions of unique, functional and innovative products; our secret is to combine technical know-how and innovative design. We are attentive to your needs!

Envolving towards design & innovation




Customize Environment



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