This website provides an overview of our wide range of our products. It is not a definitive compilation as other options are available. For further information or explanations please contact the sales department of A Cimenteira do Louro.


Slight variations in the granulometry and colour tones of the products may occur due to the characteristics of the materials and the photographic reproduction in catalogues and other printed or electronic material.


The development of A Cimenteira do Louro’s tiles and pavers is based on the careful analysis of the natural stone and in the technological process, optimised over the years. The mixture is poured into special moulds specifically designed to create an effect as realistic as possible, and using several different moulds to create a variety of shapes and avoid replications. The chromatic effects are achieved by applying high-quality iron oxide pigments into each tile, giving them a natural effect, not only in shape but also in colour.


These products are manufactured from natural stone granulates that may present slight variations in colour shade, depending on the type of manufacture and supply. The texture and colour tests require the products to be dry. Over time, the products may display some technically inevitable natural changes in colour. At the end of the tile installation process, it is advisable for some of the products to apply a surface treatment from our range, in order to ensure the durability of the material.


The possible appearance of white stains on the concrete surface is a natural and technically unavoidable phenomenon called efflorescence, which we can find in certain drying conditions, especially in cement-based products. These do not alter the intrinsic quality of the pieces and tend to disappear over time after being exposed to natural weathering. The appearance of efflorescence, being known to the client, cannot, in any case, be a cause for complaint.


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