Architect@work London 2020

Architect@work London 2020

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02 Jan 2020


Sensory Design and the Return of Nature Into Spaces are Some of the Themes that will Inspire Professionals this Year

A wall tiles of clean and polished lines that shines through the space, the roughness of a stone wall that gives sobriety to a room. These are examples of how the new stream of design and architecture is exploring materials, spaces and the five human senses. It is this new paradigm, which brings Nature back to the interiors, that will inspire the next edition of Architect @ Work London, scheduled for January 29th and 30th. A theme as natural as the premium wallcovering that A Cimenteira do Louro (ACL) will present at today's biggest architectural and design event.

Materiality, sensory design, technology and nature are concepts that are exciting contemporary architects and designers and will be debated at A@W London 2020, under the theme Sensory Design - Acting Natural: new ways in which architecture and the environment converge. For two days,The Old Truman Brewery will be the scene of a rich exchange of knowledge and human relations and it is at stand number 23 that ACL will be present with the four collections of wallcoverings that have been featured in the latest editions of A@W.Siena, Vértices, Hando Plus and Riscado Plus are the products that fully materialize this new stream that explores the endless ways of providing holistic sensory experiences to the users of a space - commercial, private and public.

The three-dimensionality and perfect imitation of the colors and textures of natural elements, present in the Portuguese landscape, such as stone and cork, define the performative and aesthetic excellence of ACL products, which are fully developed based on concrete, a composite of organic products, that the Portuguese company reuses 100%.

The vital need for a return to authenticity through a pacification between technology and nature and the attention to multisensory stimuli, instead of only serving the dictatorship of vision, are the new challenges of architecture and design. In line with this trend, that uses the latest technologies to recreate and ennoble materials in nature, ACL distinguishes itself with it’s products that transform spaces and atmospheres and sublimate the human experience.

Sophistication, bold design and sensoriality is what ACL will present in London, at the end of January, to Architecture and Interior Design professionals, with the promise of inspiring their next projects.


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