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Concrete Wall Tiles

The decoration of the compartments has a notable impact on the energy of the spaces and those who take advantage of them. For this reason, ACL has two lines of concrete wall coverings: Natural Line and Design Line. These wall coverings have shapes, styles, textures and patterns that are easily adjustable to the trends of Design and Architecture of interiors and exteriors, adapting to the dynamism of each space, be it residential or commercial.

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Concrete Slabs

ACL presents its floors, for interiors and exteriors, which promise to transform special places into unique ones. The durability and aesthetic strength of these floors promise original spaces that endure in time and memory. Either in a more cosmopolitan or in a more bucolic style, the ACL floors can be adapted to different realities. They define an attitude. It’s hard to find the place where we belong. But now it’s easier to make it ours.

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Other Concrete Products

ACL offers a wide range of concrete products, which value excellence and high quality, such as:

_Masonry Blocks;
_Base Solar Panel;
_Urban Furniture;
_Decorative Walls;
_Concrete Kerbs;
_Concrete Tubes;
_Sanitation material, among others.

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