Architect@Work Stuttgart 2021

Architect@Work Stuttgart 2021

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23 Nov 2021


The Portuguese ACL will show this December, at A@W Stuttgart how coverings elevates the human experience

A wooden floor that reverberates through the space, the gleaming marble of a countertop that invigorates the spirit, the roughness of a stone wall that gives sobriety to a room are examples of how one of the most recent trends in Design and Architecture explores the materials and spaces. All senses are awakened by this design and architecture movement that works the potential of materials and spaces and brings Nature back to the interiors. It is with all this sensibility that the Portuguese company A Cimenteira do Louro (ACL) will present its coverings in the next edition of Architect@Work Stuttgart, to be held on December 1st and 2nd, in the center of exhibitions and fairs, Messe Stuttgart.

ACL Collections: the perfect combination of sensoriality and sophistication

At its core, sensory design is the path back to human nature and the natural world, moving away from digital stimuli while expanding the human experience. Companies like the Portuguese company A Cimenteira do Louro (ACL) materialize this trend that is here to stay. The most international coating and flooring company in Portugal stands out for its high-quality products, sophistication and impressive performance. On the December 1st and 2nd, ACL will be present, at stand 1, at the biggest meeting of Architecture and Design, taking place in the city of Stuttgart, and will show professionals from all over the world its premium products, developed from concrete and inspired by the sensoriality of materials and spaces and the elements of Nature.

As humans, we have an intuitive connection to spaces that trigger feelings and physiological processes in us that can be positive or negative. Curves and natural elements, for example, give us a feeling of harmony and a state of well-being. The geometric patterns and curved shapes worked in fish scales and hexagons from ACL's Squama and Hexa coverings fit harmoniously into the different concepts and functionalities of the spaces, providing a dynamic immersion in natural elements. These two charismatic coatings create a comfortable atmosphere that can be experienced indoors and outdoors alike. Then we have Slope, one of the novelties in the covering collection that ACL presented this season. Its bold volumetry sculpted in a dimensional geometry that plays with shadows and reflections provides a unique dynamism to spaces, transforming them into environments of intense experiences.

Three-dimensionality is one of the strong characteristics of ACL coatings. The 3D effect that the company uses in its coverings and floors results from a happy synergy between cutting edge technology, high quality and creative people with a lot of sensitivity and experience. Riscado Plus, for example, has been one of the most applauded coverings at fairs and specialized events around the world, with its textures in deep relief simulating the granite present in landscapes and houses in Northern Portugal. The state-of-the-art technology that ACL uses in the development of its covering and flooring collections allows it to recreate and enhance natural materials, creating perfect imitations of the colors and textures of natural elements, present in the Portuguese landscape, such as cork, stone and wood. The company's products from the North of Portugal fully materialize this new trend that explores the infinite ways to provide holistic sensory experiences to users of a space - commercial, private and public.


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