The ultimate concrete space test

The ultimate concrete space test

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30 Nov 2023

Slimcrete, the flexible concrete Wall covering that withstood a journey into space

The ultra-thin flexible concrete Wall covering, Slimcrete, developed by ACL - A Cimenteira do Louro, won a notable distinction during the most recent endurance test, facing the extreme conditions of a journey into space at altitudes of over one hundred thousand feet.

The video of Slimcrete's expedition into the stratosphere, reaching an altitude of more than 34 kilometres, was unveiled at Architect @ Work, an architecture and design fair held recently at the FIL Congress Centre in Lisbon. This feat was one of the highlights of the event, marking its debut on Portuguese soil.

Dinis da Silva, CEO of ACL - A Cimenteira do Louro, expressed his satisfaction: "We exceeded the best expectations we had from previous laboratory tests. Slimcrete went into space, withstood the adverse conditions and came back intact. This means that it is a resistant product, despite being ultra-thin and flexible, representing a new standard in concrete products."

Slimcrete reached the stratosphere, facing temperatures as low as -67.9 degrees Celsius. "Intense radiation, high pressure, the absence of an atmosphere and large temperature variations have not managed to deteriorate this innovative product," emphasised César Costa, ACL's commercial director.

ACL's presence at the Architect @ Work fair was considered a huge success, opening up significant business prospects for next year, as César Costa emphasised. Slimcrete will be one of Cimenteira do Louro's main bets on the national and international markets next year, given its lightness, which makes it easy to export. Each square metre weighs just four kilos, making Slimcrete the first concrete product that is easy to transport.


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